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Best Phone Apps for Meditation Practice

March 25, 2016

Best meditation apps beginners

There is a quote about meditation that goes, "You should meditate 20 minutes a day, unless you're busy, and then you should meditate for an hour." The point being that if you think you're too busy for the important practice of sitting down, calming the nervous system and getting in touch with your true self, then you precisely need it even more!

Do you want to try meditation at home but don't know where to begin or what to do? Well first off, meditation is not about doing anything, it's about simply being! This is hard for beginners to grasp and so a teacher or a guided app can be a helpful resource in starting.

Yogis say that the best time for meditation is during the hours before the sunrise, called Brahmamuhurta. This is when the mind is naturally receptive to deeper states of being, but this is impractical for most people who already do not get enough sleep. Instead, you can take time to practice mindfulness at any moment of the day, wherever you are. Simply find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes and tune in.

Here are some zen-approved apps to get you going.

Insight Timer

Meditation App Insight

This app has guided meditations from teachers all over the world as well as a timer you can set with options like ambient sounds as well as starting and ending bells that can mimic the sounds of basu bowl or wood block. In addition, it helps keep your meditation goals on track by recording how long you've meditated each day.

Dharma Seed

Meditation App Dharma

This app is great for those interested in exploring the intellectual side of mysticism, featuring talks with huge variety of teachers.

Osho Radio

Meditation App Osho Radio

This free app gives streaming access to Osho's extemporaneous discourse in both English and Hindi. Osho said that he speaks so that you could experience the silence in the gaps of his words. All his talks are incredibly beautiful and illuminating. 


Meditation App Buddhify

This paid app ($4.99) contains specific meditation practices for various activities in your life: traveling, eating, work break, walking, going to sleep and many others. The idea is to cultivate mindfulness in whatever activity you may be partaking in. 

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