Easy Feng Shui Remedies for Home

Feng Shui

Quantum physics has proven what the mystics have said for thousands of years - everything is energy: our bodies, our surroundings, every object living and non-living is buzzing with atomic movement. Feng Shui is the ancient art of orienting the objects in your home to maximize the flow of chi - energy - removing the barriers towards ease and success.

We attended a talk recently by Feng Shui expert Deborah Kagan who illuminated some simple remedies we can take around the house.

The three pillars of your home are the front door, the oven and the bed. This post continues basic quick fixes to address these areas and help improve the flow of chi in your house.

1. The front door should be unobstructed with as much light as possible. The energy comes into your home through the front door so you want to make this as uncluttered as possible. Anything obstructing the door should be removed or fixed: rusty hinges, a doormat that blocks the easy opening of a door, etc.

2. The stove is the "heart" of the home, where energy is created. The stovetop should be clear of detritus - that means no pots and pats stored on top - and you should rotate the use of the burners so that you're not using the same one or two all the time. 

3. The bed is where we spend a third of our lives (at least) and is a central component to feng shui balance. The bed should ideally be positioned opposite to the door in what is called "command position." It should not be in line with the door, but should have the greatest visual standpoint in the room where the door is visible. The bed should have a solid headboard attached to the bed (even if symbolically by ribbon). Underneath the bed should be empty - do not use the space below for storage as this can block the flow of chi. 

When certain of these fixes are impossible because of the layout of your home, the use of crystals, wind chimes and running water can help.

As a bonus tip, the bathroom door should remain closed when not in use, as should the toilet seat. This area drains energy from the house, both of the mystical and the kind you get a monthly bill for. 

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