Powerful Social Documentaries to Stream on Netflix

We love documentaries - what's better than being entertained and enlightened at the same time? These six social and cultural documentaries currently available for streaming on Netflix are all eye-opening in their unique ways.

The True Cost

This eye-opening and emotional documentary reveals the negative social and environmental impact of "fast fashion." You may think you're getting a great deal when you pick up that $5 shirt from a trendy retailer, but behind that cheaply made garment is a factory worker laboring for abysmal wages and often in inhumane conditions.


India's Daughter

Recounting the story of the brutal gang rape in Delhi of a young female student that made world headlines in 2012, this documentary gives a cultural perspective of the degraded status of women in Indian society. 



We may be enjoying record-low gas prices at the moment, but who can forget that just seven years back, regular unleaded was creeping towards $5 a gallon? This documentary reveals the corporate cabal that has ensnared America in a foreign oil dependency and how we can overcome it.


The Propaganda Game

Offering a rare peak into North Korea, director Alvaro Longoria was given special permission to enter the country with cameras - under strict supervision. The documentary paints a eery picture of the secretive rogue nation and makes you question both the propaganda emerging from the nation - as well as that which we're fed by our own media.



This documentary follows inventor Dean Katon (the man behind the Segway, as well as other more lucrative and world-changing creations such as the home blood dialysis machine), exploring his unique genius and passion for creation. The later part of the film focuses on his development of a clean water filtration system that can solve the water crises in Africa and beyond.


Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines

Drugs that are prohibited work much better than pharmaceutical drugs. This documentary underscores the nefarious control Big Pharma exerts on our political leaders.

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