Make Money with Tibetan Socks

Are you in a book club, school group, sorority or any other social group looking to fundraise?  Or are you an entrepreneur looking for items to sell at your local craft fair?

Tibetan Socks would like to work with you help you achieve your personal or group financial goals. Whether you’re a mom who’d like to make extra income (just like our knitters in Nepal), or part of your school’s student government fundraising committee, selling Tibetan Socks is an excellent way to make money while giving back.

Selling Tibetan Socks

We offer affordable bulk rates to make selling easy and profitable for you. Becoming a reseller of Tibetan Socks is an opportunity to be a part of a growing socially conscious movement, supporting women’s employment, children’s education and the concept of “slow fashion.”

Tibetan Socks sell best when customers are able to hear the story of how these special items are hand made in the Himalayas, how they help support over a hundred knitters in the Kathmandu region, and how their purchase makes a real difference in peoples' lives. By telling this story, you’re part of our family.

You’ll know you’re selling a product that’s well loved by our customers and respected by our charity partners including:

Maiti Nepal - Safe house for victims of sexual trafficking in Nepal

Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation - Support for the Tibetan refugee community

Sarah’s Circle – Women’s homeless shelter in Chicago

Knock Knock Give A Sock – Donating socks to homeless communities nation-wide.

We supply you with:

  • Tibetan Socks according to your color and size choices, packaged in a drawstring cloth bag telling the story of this special Himalayan handicraft.
  • Marketing material to help tell the story of these special products and the impact they provide.

How much you can earn by selling Tibetan Socks

Selling Tibetan Socks can be a very profitable side business or fundraising item. We offer a margin of $15 on our long socks product. If you sell 20 pairs of socks, that's $300 profit for you.

Our barrier to entry is just 10 pairs of socks, so getting started is easy.

Some of our family seller testimonials:

Becky C., Asheville NC.

“I started selling Tibetan Socks at the weekend flea market with my collection of handmade jewelry. The first weekend we sold out of our initial 20 pairs. I couldn’t get them back fast enough! In a month I was selling nearly 50 each weekend!"

Sara L. Topanga Canyon

“Tibetan Socks were a perfect addition to my stall at the Topanga Vintage Market. I’ve been swelling about 40 every weekend. It’s a really nice supplement to my normal business.” 

Mari Beth W., Kappa Delta Sorority

Me and my sisters sold Tibetan Socks for our annual breast cancer fundraiser. We were able to donate over $3,000 this last year!”

Contact us today to learn more about this opportunity.