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The best socks for mother's day gifting

Moms do so much for us and figuring out a unique gift we can give to show our love and appreciation can be difficult. What do moms really want (other than for us to be happy and healthy)? Of course that answer might vary from mom to mom, but one think you can be sure she'll love and treasure are cozy slipper socks that will warm both her feet and her heart. 

Mother's Day Gift Socks Tibetan Socks Gift Ideas Inspiration

Tibetan Socks are made by mothers, who knit them in Himalayan villages as a source of supplemental income while being able to stay home and raise their children. Tibetan Socks are gifts from one mother to another - they're not only incredibly cozy, so that they feel like a hug for your feet - they also give back to the communities creating them by sponsoring children's education. It's a gift mom will love.

Every time she wears them, she'll think of you with a warm heart. What could be better than that?

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