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The journey of tibetan socks

Handmade in the Himalayas


knitting: a generational handicraft

For centuries, Himalayan communities have woven a rich tradition of knitting. This cherished handicraft, traditionally practiced by women, serves not only as a source of income but also as a communal pastime, fostering bonds and camaraderie among its practitioners.

Who we are

Tibetan Socks began in 2015 after a journey to the Indian Himalayas led founder Adrien Field to discover these hand knit treasures in a small local market.

The unique woolen socks he bought were like nothing he had ever worn before: so comfortable, soft and warm. They were a necessity on the cold stone floors of his Himalayan guest house which lacked heating.

After a few days of wearing nothing but these slippers, Adrien had the idea that he should share them with the world.

a suitcase full of socks

After a stay in the Himalayas, Adrien returned home with twenty pair of these socks stashed in his suitcase, selling them almost immediately.

Wanting to perfect and standardize the socks, Adrien eventually travelled to Nepal to begin a partnership with a generationally family-owned workshop in the Kathmandu Valley.

Over the years, we have created a high quality, luxurious and sustainable product range that never compromises on its commitment to promoting artisan handicraft work.

Where they're made

Tibetan Socks are proudly handmade in Nepal using artisanal and traditional techniques. The socks are knit in small villages in the Kathmandu Valley and then brought to our workshop where they are hand stitched and packed.

fair trade

At the core of our business is the talented community of artisans and our desire to promote and preserve this handicraft excellence. We proudly provide work to over two hundred knitters in the Kathmandu Valley and dozens more in our workshop.

Through our collaboration, each woman empowered to wield her craft not only sustains her family but also forges her path towards economic autonomy and independence.

Meet mangala

Spend a day with one of our knitters

Meet mangala

Spend a day with one of our knitters

women (em)powered


Tibetan Socks stands in solidarity with the Tibetan people in exile and those under occupation.