About Us

Tibetan Socks are a super-cozy wool slipper/sock combination hand-knit in the Himalayas. Made in mountain villages by Tibetan and Nepalese women who knit them at home, this craft dates back generations and allows for mothers to stay home with their children while earning supplemental income for the family. 

Tibetan Socks Hand Made

Tibetan Socks are the warmest socks your feet could possibly hope to meet. Heavy wool and a fleece lining create a halo of warmth, like a hug for your toes. Each pair is hand-made and unique with its own distinct yarn color combination. This is a pair of slipper socks you will treasure and want to share with those you love.

Heavy wool socks cute wool socks best socks to keep feet warm

We are committed to maintaining a socially responsible organization with integrated values based on the dharma (Buddha's teachings). Each pair of socks sold gives back to those in need by providing food, medicine, education materials, and other essentials to those in need throughout the Himalayan region. We do this by partnering with local NGOs to identify and help fund specific projects.
Adrien Field Tibetan Socks Lama Paljor
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