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Tibetan Socks Charities

Tibetan Socks partners with 3 NGO charities operating in India, Nepal and Tibet to provide school lunches, tuition, and supplies for in-need children. Your purchase of one pair of socks gives to one of the following causes:

  • 12 school lunches for children in Sikkim, India.
  • 2 weeks of food and lodging for an orphan in a monastery school in Tibet.
  • Books and medical supplies for the women and children at Maiti Nepal.

To learn more about the individual projects we support, click here

Hand-Knit Wool Leg Warmers / Boot Toppers

These hand-knit wool leg warmers are unique and stylish. Lined in fleece, they're extra-warm and great for wearing as boot toppers, over leggings, or as part of a Flashdance costume! Pair with our long Tibetan Socks for an extra-long knee-high sock look.

All leg warmers feature a combination of yarn colors and for simplicity they are categorized by the predominate color pattern present. 

Measures 14 inches long. One size fits most.


This item is only available to ship within the continental USA.