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Making your slipper socks last comes down not only to how often you wear them, but how you care for them in the wash. Just like you wouldn't throw your favorite sweater into the washer and dryer, special washing is also required for slipper socks. 

Because Tibetan Socks are hand knit from 100% pure sheep wool, they require extra loving care to ensure you can enjoy them season after season. Here are the step by step instructions to washing your wool slipper socks

Washing wool slippers

1. Turn inside out

By turning your slipper socks inside out, this will not only protect the delicate wool exterior, but also allow the fleece lining to be properly washed - the part that's touching your leg and feet and bound to retain odor over time. 

Wash cold water slippers

2. Hand or machine wash (on the gentle setting) with cold water

Wool is a delicate fiber and warm water will cause the fibers to shrink. Use water under 70 degrees Fahrenheit to insure the colors won't bleed. If washing in the machine, wash only by themselves to avoid any possible color bleeding. The best method is to hand wash in a sink or basin to be extra-careful. 

Wool shampoo slipper socks

3. Add a gentle wool shampoo

It is important to use a proper wool detergent or shampoo. Wool is a natural fiber and requires special care. If hand washing, gentle swirl and agitate your slipper socks in the sink or basin for a few minutes then remove promptly.

Rinse wool slipper socks

4. Rinse with cold water

Rinse the socks under cold water to completely clear out the detergent. 

Wring excess water slipper socks

5. Remove excess water

In a towel, gently roll your slipper socks, expelling the excess water until the socks feel damp. 

Lay flat to dry in the shade slipper socks

6. Let dry in the shade

Direct sunlight can cause the natural dyes to fade, so if you wish to keep your socks in perfect shape, lay them flat to dry in the shade. You can gently ease them back into shape if you see that they have shrunk at all during the washing process.

Soon your slipper socks will be ready to wear and enjoy once again! 

One of the benefits of Tibetan Socks is that they are knit from 100% pure wool which is naturally odor resistant so you shouldn't need to wash them as often as you'd wash other slipper socks. Additionally, because Tibetan Socks have a wool felt sole, the entire slipper can be washed, unlike slippers with hard soles. 

You can also watch this video to see a quick and helpful guide on how to wash your slipper socks and other delicate woolen items: