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A story of the warmest socks ever

Warmest socks ever cozy winter socks This is the story of a boy who has always had cold hands and feet. Since childhood, any time the mercury in the thermometer dropped precipitously, his extremities would turn to blocks of ice. 

So a trip to the Himalayas during winter in 2015 had his toes shivering in anticipation. During the day when the sun was shining, the weather was warm enough, but by night time a severe chill settled in the air. Staying in a guest house with absolutely no heating and with marble floors thus posed a problem. Just treading on the floor with regular socks was like stepping on ice. But fate was about to play its hand.

A friend he had met that day was wearing a pair of wooly socks. She suggested he visit the Tibetan shop in the small village to buy a pair for himself. After a little bargaining, he bought a pair, not realising they were at least two sizes too small. But once he slipped his feet into these clouds of warmth, he didn't care: they were the warmest (and coolest looking) socks he had ever seen and worn.

That night, he slept happily, with warm feet ensconced in layers of wool and fleece. So fabulous were the socks, he was inspired to share the special handicrafts with the world. And thus, Tibetan Socks was born from the Himalayan foothills.

These socks are seriously special. They're not only the warmest socks ever, but they have the power to warm your heart: with each sale of Tibetan Socks, children across the Himalayan region are helped. One pair of socks gives twelve school lunches to children from severely impoverished families in India. 

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