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The Perfect Travel Socks

The Perfect Travel Socks

Best Travel Socks

Tibetan Socks make the best traveling companions. They're warm, comfortable, cozy - the perfect socks to slip on your feet to help make a flight more relaxing. Once you get to your destination, they'll make any hotel room feel like home. Cold floors are no match for these woolen, fleece-lined slipper socks. 

Here's a story from Tibetan Socks founder, Adrien Field, who just returned from a month of traveling in India:

When I went to visit Lama Paljor, we met at the Kalimpong monastery at the foothills of the Himalayas. It was the middle of January and predictably freezing - especially at night. My room in the monastery was charming and tidy (an unforgettable experience to be sure) - but there was no heat (not in any way expected). That night the temperature was in the low thirties and I slept in thermal underwear, a sweater, and Tibetan Socks to stay warm - underneath three layers of blankets! 

The following day we travelled North to Sikkim, even higher in elevation and colder in temperature. Here it was so cold that I took to wearing my Tibetan Socks inside my UGG boots. It was like walking on clouds. Already Tibetan Socks are super cozy on their own, and UGGs are extra warm, so the combination together was extraordinary. 

Tibetan Socks are hand knit in the Himalayas, so they're made and meant for the iciest of altitudes and the coldest of floors. It is extremely rare to have central heating in India (in the north it might only be needed for two months out of the year) but it is common to have marble floors. And marble floors combined with freezing temperatures is not a foot-friendly proposition. So Tibetan Socks are the perfect solution for indoor coziness. 


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