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Warm Cabin Socks

Step into cozy with these hand knit cabin slipper socks

Is there anything better than getting out of the city and taking a trip up to the cabin? That's a rhetorical question because the answer is clearly no! The beauty of nature and outdoor activities - kayaking on the water, having morning coffee and watching the sunrise, or conversely, a glass of wine as the sun sets.

The cabin is an idyllic experience no matter the season. In Fall and Winter, the cabin is its own special experience - feeling snug and cozy inside as the snow falls or as a fire warms up the hearth. 

Hand Knit Wool Cabin Socks

In the colder months, those wood floors can be frigid in the mornings and evenings. As many cabins lack proper insulation, warm slipper socks to wear inside are a must. 

Tibetan Socks are hand knit from pure 100% sheep wool in the Himalayas - so you know they can handle any cold coming into the cabin. They're also lined in soft fleece to be comfortable against the skin. They have hand stitched felt soles with non slip gripper bottoms so you won't slip and slide across the cabin flooring.

Our wool slipper socks are extra-warm for even the creakiest and coldest of cabins. They make excellent socks to wear to bed thanks to their soft felt sole.

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  • Betsy Burch

    We women in American only think we can knit, but it takes you ladies in countries away from us who can really knit. God bless you and your skills.

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