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Raynaud's is an uncomfortable syndrome that affects millions of people and can turn being cold from a simply uncomfortable to a miserable experience. As the body's blood vessels constrict, the extremities become extremely cold and painful.

For this reason's, those with Raynaud's and diabetes need extra-warm love and care during the cold weather. Normal socks just don't do the trick when it comes to reheating these sensitive areas of the body.

Warm Slipper Socks for Raynaud's and Diabetes

Tibetan Socks was created by a young Raynaud's sufferer. At the time Adrien Field found these socks, he wasn't even aware of what Raynaud's was - he just knew that he was extremely sensitive to cold weather. Growing up in New England, his hands and feet would lose feeling during the winter. Even when nervous, his hands would start to feel pins and needles. 

It was in the Himalayas that he discovered a product naturally suited to the icy mountain climate and the brand Tibetan Socks was born. 

Tibetan Socks are the best slipper socks for Raynaud's and diabetes. Our slipper socks are knit from 100% pure wool, which is naturally warmer and temperature insulating. You might have noticed if you tried cheaper slipper socks made from synthetic material that they hold no warmth at all.

But think back to that wool blanket or wool sweater you had as a kid - maybe your grandma knit it for you. It might have been itchy but it was also warm as anything. Tibetan Socks have that level of warmth without the itch. Additionally, Tibetan Slipper Socks are lined in soft fleece so even those who are sensitive to wool can wear them comfortably. The fleece also provides an additional layer of warmth to keep heat close to the feet and legs where you want it. 

Fleece Lined Slipper Socks for Raynaud's

Our signature long slipper socks have a 12" rise - much longer than many other slipper socks brands. These provides nearly a full leg coverage for warmth. You can wear them inside loose pants or even tuck leggings or thermals inside Tibetan Socks. 

Seniors especially appreciate our high quality slipper socks. Tibetan Socks have non-slip felt soles so you can enjoy warm feet without worrying about slipping and sliding across hard wood floors. These luxurious lounge slippers are ideal for being cozy at home - relaxing on the sofa, cooking, and everything else you'd want to do with warm feet.

All our products are designed for maximum warmth. We combine high quality wool with soft fleece lining to create a cocoon of coziness. Give our socks a try today - you have nothing to lose with our generous free shipping and free 30 day free returns! We know you'll love them once you step into cozy.

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