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We are proud to partner with the Tibetan Children's Education Fund, a non-profit,  dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan culture by educating and assisting Tibetans, raising awareness of its culture, and by empowering Tibetans to manifest these goals.

Tibetan Children's Education Fund Charity Partner Tibetan Socks

Educating the Children

TCEF is committed to doing all that it can to help Tibetan children’s education in exile. Towards these aims, we help to establish education centers for Tibetan children, run a sponsorship program and implement special projects that can make a difference for the education of Tibetans in exile.

TCEF helped to found Kyitsel-ling Tibetan Children’s Education Center at Clement Town, India that has been successfully helping Tibetan children for the last 16 years. 

TCEF’s sponsorship program connects a needy Tibetan child with an interested sponsor in the USA. Hundreds of Tibetan children have been helped through this program.

Serving the People

The preservation of Tibetan culture and the education of children in exile are TCEF’s prime focus. In addition, TCEF endeavors to serve Tibetans in any way that it can. We’ve started a sponsorship program to benefit needy Tibetans. In Sikkim, we run a program to feed the monks of a monastery and we do an annual service trip whose primary goal is to do seva or good works for Tibetans in exile.

Purposes of TCEF

According to TCEF’s bylaws, the objectives and purposes of Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation are:

1. To fulfill the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and motivation of gaining benefit for all sentient beings.

2. To support, endorse, fund, fund-raise and otherwise assist Tibetan and other children-in-need as well as adults-in-need in securing worthwhile, quality education, anywhere in the world.

3. To raise funds, conduct research, produce publications, and organize conferences and courses consistent with the foregoing objectives.

4. To provide and promote other charitable and social services, including medical, rehabilitation, educational, and counseling services.

Read more about TCEF here.