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Schools in monasteries rarely receive state funding. Nevertheless, they are vital for the conservation of the Tibetan written language. Only in monastery schools can monks and nuns concentrate on intensive language study. It is then ensured that the works of Tibetan literature and science that have been written and collected for more than a millennium are understood by future generations. 

Education in the monastic universities can take up to 15 years. The monks and nuns educated in this manner are then employed as teachers in either village or monastery schools.

The small monastery school near Dege (Sichuan province) offers a five-year basic school education in the subjects Tibetan, Chinese, mathematics and drawing. Of the 50 schoolchildren, 31 have lost one parent. As well as the fees for the schoolchildren, ROKPA pays the salaries of a teacher and the school cook.

Tibetan Socks works with ROKPA to pay for student tuition fees. ROKPA International has been supporting the Tibetan people since 1990 with several hundred projects. Thanks to good cooperation with the local authorities, ROKPA is one of the rare aid organisations that has been able to provide help in the Tibetan region of China.