Socks with a "soul"

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We believe if everyone practiced self love, generosity and social responsibility the world we share would be a more harmonious and joyful place.  We are founded with the desire to provide a unique, quality product that gives back and inspires others to do the same.

Our company was born from a spiritual journey that brought us to the Himalayas, where we found these special handicrafts. It is our hope to spread some of that love we found high in the mountains.

Self Love

It is important to us that our product makes you feel good. We hope to bring a little more joy and happiness into your life. “When your feet are warm, your heart is warm,” isn’t just our tagline, it’s truly our company philosophy. We want you to have cozy toes and to also feel good about supporting others in need.


In giving, you receive. We believe it is our responsibility as the recipients of great abundance to share with others. Individually we all have the ability to make a contribution to our world community and when we come together our impact is profound. We created our company with charitable giving as its cornerstone and are proud to partner with NGOs in their mission to serve women and children in the Himalayan region.

Social Responsibility

We are creating a love-added supply chain, where love and care are added and amplified through each step of the process. Our socks are hand-knit by women whose work helps support their families. We then lovingly package and bring these socks from the Himalayas to you, and finally send funds back from each purchase to provide for children in need across India, Tibet, and Nepal. In this way, Tibetan Socks uplift each person they touch.

We actively seek to work with suppliers who meet our high standards for social justice. We are also committed wherever possible to using sustainable materials and promote a culture of recycling.