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We love our socks - AND there's love in every colorful hand-knit stitch of our socks, so we're pretty sure that you'll also be feeling the love for Tibetan Socks. These really are The. Warmest. Socks. Ever. Just slip your feet into those soft layers of fleece, hugged by beautiful wool, and feel a heatwave of cozy bliss melt all over you like a Thai sea breeze...ok the last part is a bit of exaggeration. 

These are no ordinary socks. Hand knit in the Himalayas from soft wool, warmly lined in fleeced and sealed with a hand-stitched felt sole for extra durability. You won't want to take these off. You might find yourself sleeping in them - or showing up to work in them. Casual Monday anyone?

Don't just take our word for it, here's some of what our customers have said: 

"I love these cozy slipper socks hand knit by Tibetan Socks. I got them not just for me, but for both my girls. They’re perfect for lounging around the house, nestled in bed or on the couch." Kelly Bensimon, New York

Kelly Bensimon Sexy In Bed

"These are definitely the warmest slipper sock I have ever worn. I have a ceramic tile kitchen floor which gets very cold in the fall/winter and these socks are perfect...Quality knitting and construction - these will last. The felt sole seems sturdy too. Since they're handmade, the color combination was different from the photo, but that's OK with me; I got a gorgeous pair! Love the charitable aspect too."  Ms. Lee D., Massachusetts 

Tibetan Socks Testimonial

"Just because I'm at work, doesn't mean I can't be cozy. These are my favorite work "shoes", a pair of @tibetansocks. The handmade wool Tibetan Socks complement our handmade wool Persian Rugs." Dr. Natasha, California

Leslie Socks

CBS News correspondent Leslie Sanchez in the makeup chair.

Cozy warm Sock Slippers Tibetan Socks

"Love these socks! So warm and comfortable." Karie D., Texas