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Standing seven feet tall from hoof to shoulder and weighing up to a ton, the yak rules the Himalayan planes. Shaggy and extremely hardy, these giants thrive thousands of meters above sea level in the freezing, remote peaks of Tibet and Nepal. To cope with life high in the mountains, their wool has evolved to provide excellent warmth against the harshest of conditions. 

Research shows that yak wool is up to 40% warmer than sheep’s merino wool, while also being more breathable and odor resistant. Tibetans have woven yak’s wool to make naturally heat-insulating garments for thousands of years. 

Tibetan Socks offers pure yak wool socks for custom and pre-order. Our yak wool socks are hand made from soft wool sourced on the Tibetan Plateau by herder families. Price per pair is $60. Please contact us at for order information.