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Merino wool socks in the summer

Are merino wool socks good for summer?

When you think of wool, you immediately think of a warm winter fabric, bundling up in multiple layers to stave off the blustering wind and cold. However merino wool is actually also an excellent choice for hikers, backpackers and officer warriors in the spring and summer months as well.

Why you might ask? Well, think about the sheep from where merino wool is derived: our merino comes from sheep in New Zealand. Their fleece has evolved to keep them warm in the winters when the weather drops to below freezing and keep them comfortable in the summer months when the mercury can reach into the high eighties.

Merino wool properties

Merino wool is a natural fiber which is both insulating and breathable. Additionally, its fibers are moisture wicking so when you sweat, the wool draws the moisture from your body into its yarn and then expels it. Merino wool is quick drying unlike cotton or synthetic fabrics which retain moisture and in extreme sweaty conditions can leave you with soggy socks - and who likes that!?

You may have heard of Ugg Australia and the claim that their wool shearling boots  are as comfy in the summer as it is the winter. It's because of the same principle that wool is naturally temperature regulating.

Because merino is some of the finest wool, it allows for ventilation through its fabric. 

Why to wear merino socks in the summer

In addition to being soft and breathable, anyone who works in an over air conditioned office knows the pain of going from the heat outside to the freezing inside. They say there's no cold like a movie theatre in Florida. Not only are these cold inside temperatures uncomfortable, but they can actually be bad for your health. A whole range of issues from respiratory problems, vulnerability to colds and flu and arthritis pain all arise from over air conditioning. 

Merino socks in the summertime will help retain your body temperature even in the coldest office building. Since heats escapes from the body's extremities, having warm socks when working inside is a must. 

Summer Merino wool socks for men and women

Choosing the cashmere socks for the summer

Of course not all socks are created equal, and the super thick wool socks you'd choose for the middle of a Midwestern winter aren't going to the the same pair that you'll want to don in the spring and summer. 

The best cashmere socks for the summer are ones which are woven with light to medium thickness. If you're hiking, you'll want to choose crew socks that reach to the edge of your boots to avoid chaffing against the skin. 

Athletes also choose wool for their socks. For gym or running activities, a pair of short merino socks will be the best solution to staying cool, dry and comfortable.

Tibetan Cashmere Socks for Summer 

Our merino wool socks are hand oven with a medium weight - the perfect for year-round wear. Unlike many other sock brands that advertise merino wool socks, ours are 100% pure wool. Try on a pair and feel the difference that merino wool provides.

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