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Black Wool Fisherman Beanie Hat

How we make our hand knit wool beanie hats

Tibetan Socks is famous for its high quality hand knits made by our network of lady knitters in the Himalayas. While we began our business as a company selling wool slipper socks, over the years we have expanded to included wool gloves, beanies, leg warmers, and other cold weather accessories. 

You might have had a grandmother knit you a wool hat when you were a child. Tibetan Socks follows the same principal of creating hand made treasures, designed to last through the seasons and keep you warm all winter long. All our products are 100% made by hand with 100% pure wool, no synthetic fabrics!

Wool Beanie Hat Yarn

The very first process begins with the sheep's wool. We use only high quality, fine-strand wool that comes from New Zealand. This is some of the best and softest wool available. Wool has the benefit of being naturally insulating as well as moisture and odor resistant (not like the cheap acrylic you can find in many stores).

The wool is then dyed according to our color designs with AZO-free dye. This chemical is banned in Europe and we choose to exclude it from our products as well, preferring natural dyes. 


Our wool is then hand spun to make the yarn. This process can take several hours to get one spool of yarn.

Hand Knit in the Himalayas

Once the wool has been dyed and spooled, the yarn is distributed to our network of over one hundred lady knitters around the Kathmandu Valley. Knitting is a cultural cottage industry in the mountains and women have been practicing this as a pastime for generations (not unlike our grandmothers). 

Hand Knit in the Himalayas Tibetan Socks

Each knitter works in her spare time, jugging the responsibilities of raising her children, cooking for her family and keeping the home. The benefit of knitting is that she is able to do this at home while staying with her young children, or alternatively she can meet up with other local knitters to spend the afternoon in the warm Nepali sunshine, laughing and trading stories.

Quality Inspection and Packing

We hold all of our products to the highest standards because we love and value our customers. Delivering a beautiful product that brings joy to the wearer while supporting our knitters is our greatest achievement and happiness. 

Once the knitters finish their quota of wooly hats, they are collected by a group leader who brings it to our finishing studio. Here, any loose threads are corrected, the wool beanie hat is steamed and cleaned and then we add our hang tags and pack it into a yellow Tibetan Socks giftable drawstring bag. 

The end result: A Super Warm Beanie Hat

Do you know why a fisherman sweater is called a fisherman sweater? It's because they were traditionally made from wool and the wool was the only fiber that kept these sea faring men warm and dry while out on the high seas. 

Wool is naturally insulating and helps keep retain body heat. This is essential when it's freezing outside and you want to keep your head and ears warm. Our thick knitted beanies are the real deal when it comes to softness and warmth. 

Wool Knit Beanie Cap

Also, because we use only fiber wool fibers, our soft wool beanies are never itchy but feel cozy and comfortable against the skin.

You can shop our collection of Knitted Wool Beanie Hats here.

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