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How to care for merino wool socks | Tibetan Socks

How to wash and care for wool socks

Wool is a delicate fiber which requires special attention and care in order to preserve the lifespan of your socks and other woolen articles. 

The first step pre-wash is to turn your woolen socks inside out. Tibetan Socks are lined in soft fleece, so this step will better wash the parts of the slipper socks which are in contact with your body while protecting the wool. 

You can either hand or machine wash your woolen socks. If washing by machine, make sure to use the most gentle setting. Next, you'll want to use only a soft wool shampoo or detergent as other detergents can be too harsh and cause pilling or color fading. It's important that you use cold water (60F) to wash wool as warm water will cause the fibers to shrink and also increases the risk of color fading.  

Washing and caring for merino wool socks | Tibetan Socks

Once finished washing, roll your socks gently to expel the water. When wool is wet, the fibers are delicate so be sure to be gentle.

Next, you'll want to lay your socks flat to dry out of direct sunlight, letting both the fleece and the wool sides dry. It's natural that your slipper socks may contract a bit after washing, but you can gently stretch them back into shape and once on your feet they will expand once again. 

Our pure cashmere socks are pre-washed and pre-shrunk so you won't need to worry about your socks coming out a size smaller. 

Some additional points to remember are:

  • Do not tumble dry (this causes wool piling)
  • Do not use bleach (this will damage the wool and the color)
  • Wash your woolens separately from cottons to avoid any potential color bleeding.


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