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Wear these bed socks if you have cold feet or poor circulation

Wear these bed socks if you have cold feet or poor circulation

People with poor blood circulation often have cold extremities. In the winter time, your hands and toes can feel like blocks of ice, even if the rest of you is warm under layers of blankets and sweaters. 

Tibetan Socks were created to deal exactly with this problem. It was during a trip to the Himalayas in the winter time that Tibetan Socks founder Adrien Field discovered these special hand-knit wool, fleece lined slipper socks. Once he put them on, he didn't take them off for a week - and that included going to bed. They were the only thing that kept his feet warm once the sun went down and the temperatures dropped to freezing.

Raynaud's disease Wool Fleece Lined Slipper Socks

Tibetan Socks are made for sleeping in because they're naturally temperature regulating thanks to their 100% wool shell. The fleece lining adds an extra layer of warmth and coziness so your feet never feel itchy. Because they have a soft felt sole that's made for home use, they won't bring in dirt from outside and soil your bedsheets. 

They're also the ideal bed socks because they never feel tight against your leg, they simply envelop you in a warm hug. People with Raynaud's disease especially love our warm, cozy long slipper socks because they provide a level of warmth few other brands can achieve. 

Hand Knit Wool Fleece Long Slipper Socks Raynaud's disease bed socks

We offer a variety of slipper sock and wool sock styles for the cold footed. See which style is right for you!

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  • Linda Johnston

    My husband is a size 13 shoe his feet stay swollen and cold all the time.

  • Ronald Boris

    Where can I get them in US size 12 male?

  • Sheryl Barlow

    My mom needs these due to poor circulation. Her doctor told her not to let her feet get cold. Thank you.

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