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Tibetan Socks are the "Old Fashioned Slipper Socks"

Tibetan Socks are the "Old Fashioned Slipper Socks"

Did you have a pair of wooly slipper socks that your grandmother knit you when you were a child? They were probably a little itchy but they kept your feet warm as all heck during winter because they were hand knit with pure sheep wool (and grandma's love).

Old fashioned slipper socks mukluks

Nowadays, many slipper socks are made with cheap, synthetic fabrics on a machine. They don't keep you nearly as warm as the old fashioned ones grandma used to make.

Tibetan Socks are made the "old fashioned" way: by hand with 100% pure, soft wool. Our team of over one hundred lady knitters in the Himalayas lovingly knit each pair of Tibetan Slipper Socks by hand just for you.

Knitting Slipper Socks

Our slipper socks are knit with a 4-needle technique, an advanced knitting style that allows for seamless construction and greater durability. The socks that grandma knit you probably wore out over time because you wore them all winter long, but Tibetan Socks are designed to last. 

Old fashioned slipper socks

We innovated on the old fashioned slipper socks style by adding a hand-stitched wool felt sole and heel guard. These protect the areas that are typically affected by daily wear, so you can enjoy cozy, warm feet for years.

In addition, Tibetan Slipper Socks aren't itchy like the ones that grandma knit - ours are lined in soft fleece, which provide extra warm insulation and a soft touch against the skin. 

If you loved that Mukluk hippy look of the 60's, you'll love Tibetan Socks: the wool hand knit slipper socks from the Himalayas. Bring on the nostalgia!

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  • Sandra Morello

    I’m trying to order another pair of these wonderful socks

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