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Shop crochet slipper socks

Shop crochet slipper socks

Crochet slipper socks, also known as hand knit slipper socks, are one of the comfiest items you can slip your feet into. When you're home and want to be cozy, there's nothing like a pair of warm slipper socks to put between you and the cold floor. 

Crochet Slipper Socks

In wintertime, warm slipper socks are a must if you live in an older home with wood or tile floors. Those with low blood circulation and cold extremities also know the benefits of crochet socks to wear to bed.

Hand Crochet Socks

Hand crochet slipper socks for sale

Our slipper socks are hand crocheted in the Himalayas by our team of over one hundred lady knitters. This work provides these women, who are mostly housewives, with supplemental income for their families. They're able to knit from home in their spare time while raising their children. 

In addition to being hand knit, our crochet slipper socks are lined in soft fleece, so they're warm but never itchy. We use high quality 100% pure New Zealand wool in all our slipper socks, which is both naturally insulating and better for the environment than synthetic fibers.

Black Crochet Slippers

A common problem with crochet slipper socks is that the bottoms quickly wear with time and it can be only a matter of weeks or months until your favorite pair develops unfortunate holes. Tibetan slipper socks feature a hand-stitched wool felt sole and heel guard which provide extra durability so you can wear them all season long and they'll only get comfier with time. 

Long Crochet Slipper Socks for Women

Tibetan Socks offers several styles of crochet slipper socks, from long slipper socks to ankle slippers and cable knit socks. Our slipper socks are unisex and available for men, women, boys and girls. 


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