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The Best Slipper Socks For Men

The Best Slipper Socks For Men

The best slipper socks for men are comfortable, durable and most of all warm. Tibetan Socks sells slipper socks up to a men's size 13 in our long slipper socks and short ankle slipper socks. Both of these styles provide exceptional comfort and warmth.

Men's Slipper Socks with Non Slip Soles

Tibetan Socks are made from a 100% wool shell and lined in soft fleece. These slipper socks are naturally temperature regulating, warmer than synthetic options and soft against the skin thanks to the fleece lining. 

Men's slipper socks Non slip soles

All our slipper socks have a felted wool sole, which not only provides extra warmth against cold floors, but increases durability since many other slipper socks wear out after repeated tread. 

Slipper Socks for men with non slip grippers
We have had excellent feedback from our me who purchased our slipper socks over the years, especially those who suffer from Raynaud's and other Neuropathic disorders. Here is what some of our previous customers have had to say about Tibetan Socks:
My daughter got me these primarily to address my Raynaud's disorder which causes freezingly cold hands and feet. these "slippers" do the job. they are thick and warm and comfortable. one can easily see the hand made attention to detail. excellent product; will be ordering more for holiday gifts!
-Byron M.
I received a pair of your leg warmers last X- Mas and LOVE them. I bought 2 more pairs. The slippers are next. I have severe nerve damage in both my lower legs and these are the best warmers I have ever tried. Tibetan socks has a customer for life.
-Tom P.

The Tibetan Socks difference is that like many other slipper socks for men on the market, ours are made with a 100% pure wool shell for exceptional warmth and comfort. It's rare to find pure wool slippers these days as the market is flooded with cheap products from China that are made with Earth-polluting synthetic fibers.

Tibetan Socks are proudly and ethically hand made in Nepal by our team of over 200 lady knitters. The product that you receive is truly special, high quality and unlike any other.

Whether you're a guy shopping for your own pair of cozy slipper socks to relieve your tired feed at the end of the day or someone looking for the perfect gift for a man, Tibetan Socks have your feet covered!

Shop our collection of slipper socks up to a men's size 13 here.

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