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Wool best fiber for slipper socks

What is the best material for slipper socks?

No one likes treading on a cold floor in the middle of winter barefoot. Slipper socks are designed to keep your toes and whole body warm. Contrary to the myth that the body loses the most heat through the head, it's actually your hands and feet from which the most warmth can escape. 

People with Raynaud's and other Neuropathic disorders know this all too well: when the temperature drops there's that awful feeling of pins and needles that permeates the extremities due to blood vessels constricting. 

When it comes to choosing slipper socks to insulate your feet and keep your entire body feeling comfortable during the cold season, you'll want to opt for a pure fiber like wool, which is not only warmer than polyester, but also more breathable, meaning it helps your body regulate its internal temperature and not get too hot or cold.

While wool is by far the best material for slipper socks, one potential drawback can be the itchiness factor depending on the size of the knit. Many of us remember from childhood a particularly scratchy wool blanket or even a wool sweater our grandmother may have knitted us.

For this reason, Tibetan Socks are full lined in a soft fleece layer that provides an additional layer of warmth in-between your skin and the 100% wool outer part of the slipper sock. 

Fleece lining in slipper socks

In our slipper socks, we use two types of fleece lining: a sueded fleece in our long slipper socks and a fuzzy sherpa fleece in our mid bootie and ankle slipper socks. Because our long slipper socks reach up to the mid-calf on most adults, this provides an exceptional amount of natural warmth so a lighter fleece lining fabric is used. 

Fuzzy sherpa fleece lining in wool slipper socks

In our mid bootie and ankle slipper socks, these expose more of the leg so we use an extra-warm fuzzy sherpa fleece that provides an exceptional amount of insulation and comfort. 

Tibetan Socks Wool Non Slip Soles

Because heat can also escape from the bottom of the foot when coming in contact with cold floors, Tibetan Socks all have a woolen non-slip sole. This sole made from thick woven wool provides durability, traction and extra warmth so you can't feel the cold floor beneath your feet. 

Benefits of wool slipper socks

  • Natural fiber that is sustainable and cruelty-free.
  • Warmer than synthetic materials and helps to regulate the body temperature by allowing breathability, meaning that your feet won't become too hot or sweat with wear.
  • Odor resistant, meaning it doesn't require as much washing.
  • Does not contribute to pollution such as polyester which is not biodegradable and shades microfibers.
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