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The best slipper socks for neuropathy and Raynaud's

The best slipper socks for neuropathy and Raynaud's

For those who suffer from neuropathy or Raynaud's, the stabbing sensation of cold is an extremely unpleasant reality. What we've found at Tibetan Socks from thousands of customers over the years is that our slipper socks, hand knit from 100% high quality wool and lined in fleece, are the only product on the market that has truly helped and made a difference in their lives. 

Slipper Socks for Neuropathy

Tibetan Socks were created by a young man who suffered from Raynaud's his entire life. Growing up in New England, winters were fraught with pain in his hands and feet. In 2016, while he was in the Himalayas in the middle of winter, woolen slipper socks from the local market were the only thing that kept his feet warm and the sensation of pins and needles at bay. They were so comfortable he wore them even for sleeping. He decided that this  artisan product that should be available to the world.

While compression socks advertise relief to sufferers of neuropathy, they do not actually provide the same level of warmth and comfort as slipper socks made from 100% pure sheep's wool and lined in soft, insulating fleece. 

Best slipper socks for neuropathy

Tibetan Socks are designed with a felt non-slip sole so that they can be worn continuously around the house, on any surface, whether on carpet or wood floors and even be worn to bed at night.

Slipper Socks for neuropathy with non slip soles

Here are what some of our customers have said about Tibetan Socks and how they helped their symptoms:

I suffer from peripheral neuropathy. There is no cure and normal pain-killing drugs simply don't work for this disease. I have been suffering for 8 years and your Tibetan socks are the first things I've found that actually bring me noticeable relief. I simply can't thank you enough.

Brian D. (New Zealand)

My daughter got me these primarily to address my Raynaud's disorder which causes freezingly cold hands and feet. These "slippers" do the job. They are thick and warm and comfortable. One can easily see the hand made attention to detail. excellent product; will be ordering more for holiday gifts!

Byron N. (USA)

I received a pair of your leg warmers last X- Mas and LOVE them. I bought 2 more pairs. The slippers are next. I have severe nerve damage in both my lower legs and these are the best warmers I have ever tried. Tibetan socks has a customer for life.

Tom P. (USA)

I have small fiber neuropathy (SFN). It’s very difficult to fall asleep at night because there is a painful tingling in lower legs and feet. I’ve tried different solutions. During the day it helps to wear UGGs that are fleece-lined. These socks are amazing for sleeping. Well-made with fleece on the inside. Just tight enough to make pain go away but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. I don’t know why they work for me but they do. I will definitely be buying another pair.

Benjamin T. (USA)

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