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The Warmest Wool Slipper Socks from the Himalayas

The Warmest Wool Slipper Socks from the Himalayas

Hand Knit Wool Slipper Socks Tibetan Socks Himalayan Knitted

Tibetan Socks are hand knit from 100% pure New Zealand sheep's wool by housewives in the ancient villages that dot that Kathmandu Valley. Women here have been knitting for hundreds of years and this handicraft is passed down from generation to generation.

Tibetan Socks are the warmest and coziest slipper socks by design. Not only are the outsides knit from pure high-quality wool, but they are lined in a soft insulating fleece. The wool is breathable while the fleece lining provides a comfortable non-scratchy feel against the foot and leg. 

Tibetan Socks Long Slipper Socks Wool Cozy Fleece Lined

For extra durability, Tibetan Socks have a hand-stitched wool felt sole and heel guard. These make it so that you can float on the frostiest of winter floors without losing that warm feeling. 

Hand Made Slipper Socks with Sole

Tibetan Socks are the best socks for staying warm and cozy in the wintertime. Whether it's to cuddle up on the sofa for a night of Netflix or to keep your toes toasty while you sleep, once you put them on you won't want to take them off.

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