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News from Lama Paljor in Sikkim

News from Lama Paljor in Sikkim

Lama Paljor Lunch Program Tibetan Socks Charity

Tibetan Buddhist Lama Paljor runs a tuition-free primary school and dormitory that serves over a hundred local children in East Sikkim, a small Indian state in the Himalayas bordered by Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. The Pema-Tsel Academy feeds, clothes and educates children from underprivileged families completely free of charge. 

Lama Paljor School Lunch Program Tibetan Socks Adrien Field

Tibetan Socks proudly supports Lama Paljor's lunch program at Pema-Tsel, which provides nutritious daily lunches to all the students. Prior to this program being instated, students often went through the school day hungry because their parents could not provide them with lunches. On an empty stomach, concentration and studies suffered.

Tibetan Socks Lama Paljor School Lunch Program Charity 

The students returned to school last month after a long winter vacation, where the weather becomes so cold and icy, most of the roads are frozen and it is not possible for the students to reach the school.

Thanks to the sales of Tibetan Socks in 2016, we are fully funding the entire cost of the lunch program for all students for the entire upcoming school year!

Read more about Lama Paljor's school lunch program here.

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