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Socks as holiday Christmas gift Tibetan Socks

These are the best socks to give this Christmas

When it comes to Christmas gifts, it's an old cliché that no one gets excited about opening a package (usually from Grandma) and discovering inside yet another pair of socks. But the older you get, the more joy a well made pair of warm cozy socks can provide, especially in the middle of a cold winter season -- and especially when those socks are hand knit in the Himalayas from high quality New Zealand sheep's wool.

The best socks Christmas gift

Tibetan Socks are a cozy and compassionate gift for the holidays - in fact it's a gift that keeps on giving: not only are you supporting women's employment with your purchase, but the recipient is sure to enjoy the hand made luxury of warm, fleece lined slipper socks or our luxurious New Zealand fine wool socks. Lastly, your purchase helps support the next generation by providing for children's education initiatives across the Himalayas, with a focus on the Tibetan community.

Tibetan Socks Holiday Gift Bag

Tibetan Socks come packaged in a giftable cloth dust bag which tells the social impact of your purchase, so when it comes to sharing with a friend or loved one, they'll feel extra warm this holiday season. Like we say at Tibetan Socks, when your feet are warm, your heart is warm.


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