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Women's Knitted Slipper Boots

Women's Knitted Slipper Boots

When it's the middle of winter and it's freezing outside, all you want to do when you get home is slip your icy feet into a pair of warm knitted slipper boots. Longer than regular slipper socks, knitted slipper boots have the benefit of covering the whole leg. 

Women's Knitted Slipper Boots

Tibetan Socks sells knitted slipper boots for women. Our long slipper socks are hand knit from 100% pure New Zealand wool in the Himalayas by our team of artisan lady knitters. This wool shell provides exceptional warmth and breathability. They're also lined in soft fleece to provide an extra layer of insulation and hand stitched with felt soles for extra durability and comfort. 

These knitted slipper boots are designed to last beyond just a season. They're meant to be cherished in your cozy moments at home relaxing, cooking, or snuggling up on the sofa.

Knitted slipper boots are great for women who have low blood circulation and often have cold extremities. Our Tibetan Long Slipper Socks are the warmest thing you can put on cold feet. We once even had a customer return a pair because they were too warm! 

If your cold feet follow you to bed, you can sleep in your long slipper socks as they have soft felt soles and are meant to be worn indoors only. For the best knitted slipper boots and booties, shop our colorful collection of Tibetan Socks.

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