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Lounge Socks for men and women

Hand Made 100% Wool Lounge Socks

When you get home from a long day, the weather outside is cold and blustery, is there anything more cozy than slipping on a pair of warm lounge socks and getting comfy on the sofa? 

Tibetan Socks makes high quality lounge socks for men and women. Our 100% wool socks are lined in soft fleece and feature non-slip soles. Hand made in the Himalayas, they're designed to withstand the coldest temperatures, keeping your feet toasty and warm all season long.

Cable Knit Fleece Lined Lounge Socks

Wool Lounge Socks for Women

We sell two types of lounge socks: slipper socks with a hand stitched felt sole and cable knit socks without a sole. Both our slipper socks and lounge socks have non-slip grips at the bottom, so you can waltz across wood floors without fear of falling. 

Because our lounge socks are meant to be worn at home, they can also be slept in. For those who have low blood circulation and often have cold hands and feet, our slipper socks are the warmest socks to wear to bed. At the same time, they're naturally temperature regulating thanks to the 100% wool outer sock. While warm, they're never itchy due to the soft fleece lining. 

Lounge Slipper Socks for Men and Women

Lounge Slipper Socks for men and women

Lounge socks make great gifts for the holidays and are a thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day - after all, who doesn't love being cozy? Each time someone slips on a pair of warm socks, it's like a hug for the feet. 

All of our lounge socks come packaged in a beautiful yellow draw string bag which tells how your purchase impacts those helped by our local charity partners in the Himalayas, making them a cozy and compassionate gift for yourself or other loved ones.

At Tibetan Socks we say, "when your feet are warm, your heart is warm."

Truly Hand Made Quality

While you can buy a pair of lounge socks at the local big box store, Tibetan Socks are proudly hand made in the Himalayas. We have a team of over one hundred women hand knitting our special socks. This work provides these ladies, the majority of whom are housewives, with supplemental income for their families and the freedom to work from home. 

Hand Knit Lounge Socks

Buying a pair of Tibetan Socks isn't just a gift for your feet, but one for your conscience too. Help make the world a better place by supporting ethical and sustainable fashion. 


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