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Shop Fireside Slipper Socks

Shop Fireside Slipper Socks

Is there anything better in the dead of winter, when the snow is falling outside, than to cozy up next to a warm fireplace, a log burning and crackling, providing a soothing soundtrack to an evening at home?

Fireside Slipper Socks

We don't think so! Tibetan Socks are the best fireside slipper socks available. Knit from 100% pure New Zealand wool for men and women, they're exceptionally warm and cozy.

You can slip on a pair, put a pot of herbal tea on the boil, light the fire and put on your favorite soft music to really set the mood for the evening. For big and drafty houses, having a pair of warm slipper socks to wear fireside is a must. You can also drape yourself in a soft blanket as you curl up with a good book, ensconced in a bubble of warmth.

Here are our tips for enjoying a cozy fireside evening at home:

  1. Take a bath. This will relax the body and warm yourself up after you've been out in the cold. If you've been shoveling snow it has the added benefit of helping soothe tight muscles. 
  2. Put on some soft pajamas. The looser the better! And what goes better with soft pajamas than warm fireside slipper socks: shop our collection of hand knit wool slipper socks.
  3. Boil a pot of herbal tea. In the winter, a spicy blend will warm you up nicely. Try a Chai blend for an exotic taste.
  4. Put on some soft background music. Maybe jazz, maybe classical - whatever will calm you and help you enjoy the evening.
  5. Light the fire and cozy up! Either sip your tea with company or just enjoy the fireplace with a good book. There's nothing better in the wintertime. 
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